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Program Focus: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Hay Bales (photo courtesy GTRLC)Mr. Meyer believed that farming and the production of food "always will be a required function if any of us are to survive."  Beach (courtesy Grand Traverse Land Conservancy)The Americana Foundation supports educational, advocacy, and community development programs that address the growth and development of American agriculture, community food programs, and natural resource conservation in rural and urban landscapes in Michigan.


Programs for Grant Consideration


1.  The foundation supports education and advocacy programs for the protection of community based agriculture, open space and natural resources on rural and urban landscapes in Michigan.

2.  The foundation supports education and information about tools for managing growth through integrated planning, zoning and best practices for the development of sustainable communities in Michigan.

3.  The foundation promotes partnerships with environmental and agricultural organizations and other stakeholders working to protect agricultural land, open space, and natural resources in Michigan.

4.  The foundation supports community gardening, urban forestry, and beginning farmer education and development programs in Michigan,

5.  The foundation provides support for locally grown food and a sustainable food system in Michigan.



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Hay Bales (photo courtesy GTRLC) [Click here to view full size picture]
Hay Bales (photo courtesy GTRLC)
Beach (photo courtesy GTRLC) [Click here to view full size picture]
Beach (photo courtesy GTRLC)

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