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Ecology Center

PFAS Community Science Monitoring and Education Program
Michigan (other)

With this grant, the Ecology Center and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) will partner with grassroots group Need Our Water (NOW) in Oscoda, MI to create a PFAS community science monitoring and education program.  Under the program, residents will learn to sample and analyze foam on the surface of Lake Huron to determine whether it contains PFAS.  Ultimately, the model program will be replicated in other communities and be expanded to include sampling and analysis of water, wildlife, etc. for PFAS contamination.  The objective of the program is for PFAS-impacted community members to increase their control over decisions affecting their own health and support further advocacy.

$27,000 - 2/7/2022

Legacy Land Conservancy

Expansion of Communications and Outreach in Lenawee County
Michigan (other)

Legacy recently took over the Raisin Valley Land Trust.  As a result, it has expanded its service area to include Lenawee County and its more than 340,000 acres of farmland.  This grant will enable Legacy to reach out to, and create partnerships, with landowners and stakeholders in Lenawee County so that it can continue critical land conservation work in its new service area.

$25,000 - 2/7/2022

Huron Pines

Inspiring Community Action for Natural Resource Protection
Michigan (other)

Americana's grant will enable Huron Pines to provide professional planning and project management services to communities in Northern Michigan that are interested in land conservation and water quality improvements but do not have the technical knowledge or expertise to engage stakeholders, initiate strategic planning and priority setting processes, or leverage large funding opportunities.  Huron Pines' professional expertise will enable and empower Northern Michigan communities to develop long-term strategies that protect the natural resources and high-quality natural areas that characterize their communities.  

$25,000 - 2/7/2022

SER Metro-Detroit

SER Youth Conservation Corps Program
Michigan (other)

In partnership with the US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Fish and Wildlife Service, National Parks and State Parks, SER Youth Build Academy (SYBA) will use this grant to engage 40 Detroit youths (ages 16-24) in Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) projects, to preserve natural habitat at Michigan National State Parks to make them more attractive for visitors through various enhancement projects.

$18,000 - 2/7/2022

Michigan Environmental Council

Planet Detroit Environmental News Hub Guides

Planet Detroit is building a collaborative center for local journalism on environmental and public health news and information for Metro Detroiters.  With this grant, Planet Detroit will publish a 6-part series of informative digital guides to explain and connect issues related to climate change that can otherwise be difficult to understand.

$16,000 - 2/7/2022

Alliance for Leadership Fellows

A Minute Before Midnight: Global Dialogues on the Climate Crisis
Outside Michigan

The Alliance of Leadership Fellows (ALF) will use this grant to develop a series of Climate Crisis Dialogues (webinars followed by podcasts) designed to share perspectives about the differing impacts of the climate crisis and to build new connections between advocates for change.  Through this effort, ALF anticipates reaching thousands of people around the world, sharing information and connecting leaders with actionable agendas.   ALF believes that bringing leaders together to share information, passions, diverse perspectives, potential solutions, and actions is the first step in making progress on the significant global issues of the time.

$11,850 - 2/7/2022

American Farmland Trust

Generating Investments in Pollinator Habitat on Protected Michigan Farmland
Michigan (Other)

This grant will help American Farmland Trust to expand the Farmland Pollinator Protection Project (FPPP) statewide, develop a statewide registry for the sale and purchase of Pollinator Habitat Credits (PHC), work with farmers to plan and restore 150 acres of pollinator habitat on protected farmland, and conduct outreach to corporations and other PHC buyers to secure investments.

$18,500 - 11/4/2021

For Love of Water

Engaging the Next Generation of Great Lakes Advocates
Michigan (Other)

This grant will enable FLOW to develop a communications and outreach plan that will engage young people in understanding the threats and taking meaningful action to protect the Great Lakes. 

$7,500 - 8/5/2021

I-Collective / Leilu Gardens

Waawiiatanang Foodways Project

With this grant, the I-Collective will address issues relating to food sovereignty within the Indigenous community in Detroit by increasing access to culturally relevant foods, creating educational materials, and introducing programming geared towards cultivated relationships between the land and one another. 

$5,000 - 8/5/2021

Asbury Community Development Corporation

Feed Flint
Michigan (Other)

This grant will support Feed Flint, a program that provides locally grown, chemical-free, fresh produce to residents living in and around Flint while providing our youth and residents jobs, workforce development, and volunteer opportunities. Feed Flint delivers takeout meals, produce boxes with recipes, and home deliveries as part of our work to guide and support families in moving towards sustainable abundance. We do this through the South Flint Soup Kitchen, Market Stands, the Asbury Cafe, and our Mobile Food Trailer.

$20,000 - 8/5/2021

The Henry Ford

Interpretive Programming at the Detroit Central Farmer's Market

This grant will support the development, creation, and presentation of a new dramatic program to activate the Detroit Central Farmers Market, which is being reconstructed and installed at The Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village. The market will serve as a learning laboratory to share important stories of historical innovations in agriculture and connect them to issues surrounding foodways, sustainability and the environment.

$10,000 - 8/5/2021

Edible Flint

Educational Farm & Garden Starters
Greater Flint

This grant will enable Edible Flint to expand educational programming at the Edible Flint Educational Farm, which models urban farming techniques to inspire and support healthy food production, and will support Edible Flint's Garden Starters program, which supplies and supports residential gardeners in Flint and Genesee County.

$25,000 - 5/6/2021

Make Food Not Waste

The Upcycling Kitchen

This grant will help fund a program that processes high-quality surplus food from local growers, food manufacturing byproducts, overripe produce, and commercially-sized foods to create healthy, culturally appropriate meals for food insecure Detroit families.

$15,000 - 5/6/2021

Health Unit on Davison Avenue

HUDA Urban Garden Rejuvenation

This grant will enable HUDA to rejuvenate an urban garden created by volunteers at HUDA, a free clinic in north Detroit, to connect patients of the clinic with fresh food and other strategies for healthy eating and wellness.

$10,000 - 5/6/2021

Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology

Restoring Tribal Streams in the Fruit Belt of Northern Michigan - A New Documentary
Michigan (Other)

This grant will support the production of a PBS documentary film that will draw viewers into the worlds of farmland preservationists, stream ecologists, and fisheries and wildlife biologists working together to restore water quality, revive aquatic habitats, and return traditional hunting and fishing resources to the Indigenous people and all regional residents during a time of dramatic climate change.  The film will focus on the activities of the Tribal Stream and Michigan Fruit Belt Collaborative, a group led by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians that is re-opening streams and wildlife corridors and improving agricultural practices in a region decimated by deforestation and private land development.

$10,000 - 5/6/2021

Old Sturbridge Village, Inc.

Heritage Farming Program for Middle School Youth (Journey Through Food)
Outside Michigan

With this grant, Old Sturbridge Village will develop a unique, experiential learning opportunity in a yearlong study of historic agriculture for middle school students at a school that targets “hard to reach/hard to teach students.”

$25,000 - 2/4/2021

Kalamazoo Nature Center

Honoring the Legacy of Native American and Black Farmers at Delano Homestead
Michigan (other)

This grant will enable the grantee to develop interpretative programming at the Delano Homestead to honor the legacy of Native American and Black farmers that used sustainable farming methods to maintain steady harvests and soil fertility across generations.

$25,000 - 2/4/2021

Central Lake Superior Watershed Partnership

Upper Peninsula Community Native Plant and Seed Bank Project
Michigan (other)

With this grant, the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) and the Great Lakes Conservation Corps (GLCC), in collaboration with community partners including Partridge Creek Farms (PCF) and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC), will establish a network of native plant gardens. Plants and seeds produced from project efforts will be utilized for prioritized restoration projects and/or saved to sustain the project for years to come.

$22,500 - 2/4/2021


"Telling the Stories of Detroit's Environmental Unsung Heroes"

WDET will use this grant to produce 10 stories focused on grassroots organizations engaged in regenerative and sustainable practices in the Detroit region. The focus will be diverse voices that represent the wide variety of experiences and modalities that Metro Detroiters are utilizing to repair and reconnect with our land and each other.

$18,000 - 2/4/2021

Our Kitchen Table

A Sense of Space
Michigan (other)

This Grant will support a program operated by Our Kitchen Table ("A Sense of Place) that seeks to improve the availability of local food among residents in a low-income neighborhood in Grand Rapids through community gardening, nutrition education, and other services.  This grant will support the program and enable OKT to broaden its reach to include members of the Latin, Native American, returning citizen, and differently abled populations.

$30,000 - 11/5/2020

For Love Of Water (FLOW)

Groundwater Protection
Michigan (other)

With this Grant, FLOW will convene a workgroup of nationally recognized experts, key stakeholders, and decision-makers to develop a common understanding of Michigan's groundwater problems and reach consensus on measures to strengthen groundwater protection and address contamination and depletion.

$25,000 - 11/5/2020

Greening of Detroit

Detroit Conservation Corps Job Training at Lafayette Greens Urban Garden

This Grant will support the Greening of Detroit's Detroit Conservation Corps program, which provides Detroiters with apprentice-based landscape, agriculture and urban forestry training.  The grant will support the use of Lafayette Greens urban garden as an outdoor classroom and teaching site, and to support two new part-time Garden Assistant job opportunities at Lafayette Greens for DCC graduates.

$23,000 - 11/5/2020

Growing Hope, Inc.

Growing Hope Teen Program: Building Youth Food Justice Leaders in Ypsilanti
Michigan (other)

This Grant will enable Growing Hope to scale up its teen programming, which provides Ypsilanti teens with meaningful employment that builds their identity, leadership skills, and confidence and educates them to become leaders within the local food system.  Growing Hope will use its urban farm to host a paid teen program that prepares youth for jobs and careers in sustainable agriculture while creating the next generation of leaders who can advocate for and create a better food system.

$20,000 - 11/5/2020

Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance

Protecting the ecological, cultural, and historical resources at the Kalamazoo River Mouth
Michigan (other)

This Grant will support the Alliance's efforts to develop technical and legal information to contest the construction of a marina development that threatens the resources at the mouth of the Kalamazoo River.

$20,000 - 11/5/2020

North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy

Critical Habitat for the Poweshiek Skipperling Butterfly: Phase 2 Action
Michigan (other)

This Grant will help North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy purchase two wetland parcels in the Shiawassee River headwaters that is one of the last two habitat locations of the globally-endangered Powesheik Skipperling Butterfly and establish a stewardship fund for its protection.

$10,000 - 11/5/2020

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