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Program Focus: American Heritage

desk from the Meyer CollectionAdolph H. and Ginger Meyer had a lifelong appreciation for woodworking, particularly fine furniture. His father, a German cabinetmaker before emigrating to America, instilled in Adolph the need "to preserve for our future generations, the classics that are of our own  creation as distinctive as is our way of life compared to that of the old world." Mr. Meyer believed that Americans had an awakening appreciation of their own creative pioneer spirit and, "All the glories that are American."

The Americana Foundation seeks to promote knowledge, preservation, and accessibility of America's  heritage through increasing educational opportunities of future conservators and curators in the field and through preservation and presentation of unique collections in alignment with the interests and collections of the Adolph and Ginger Meyer family.

Projects for Grant Consideration

  • Preservation and/or acquisition of high style, classic, handcrafted furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as supporting their placement with charitable and educational institutions, and/or the US government.
  • Career development support for curatorial and conservation internships within major institutions and universities.
  • Restoration projects for heritage buildings and cultural landscapes that are listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of historic places.

We do not fund:

The Foundation recognizes the vast needs in this area and the important work underway by so many, however, it is unable/unlikely to consider requests for support of activities such as: 

  • lobbying
  • annual fund drives
  • general fundraising events
  • budget deficits


Given limited funds and its commitment to collaboration, the Foundation is most interested in requests that are:

  • supported by multiple sources
  • sustainable over time
  • for one-year 

Grant Examples