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Edsel and Eleanor Ford House

Strengthening Small Museums
Michigan (Other)

Ford House, with conservator Mark Gervasi, will use this grant to strengthen and expand the capacities for small museums to properly care for their historical objects.  Staff from Ford House will consult with staff/volunteers from the museums to help them better understand collections care and management, and to assist with interpretation of the historical objects.  Ford House and Gervasi will work together to determine what item(s) in their collection are those that exemplify their community's stories and ensure they are conserved and properly cared for or exhibited.  Ford House hopes to expand the program to include hands-on collections care and conservation classes for Michigan's small museums.

$6,000 - 11/4/2021

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

"From African American Hands"
Outside Michigan

This grant will support the very first art exhibition at Colonial Williamsburg dedicated exclusively to celebrating African American artistry.  All types of decorative art and folk-art objects will be included in the exhibit, including furniture, textiles, quilts and coverlets, metals, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, drawings, tools and equipment, and costume accessories, all of which date from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

$47,184 - 11/4/2021

Henry Ford Estate

Funding for a Collections Specialist
Michigan (Other)

The Henry Ford Estate is preparing to begin the next phase of the restoration of Fair Lane, home of Clara & Henry Ford.  The next phase involves the kitchen and four bedrooms used by the Ford family and staff, and the Edison Suite.  This grant will help fund a full-time Collections Specialist to examine how the Fords lived in these private rooms.

$17,500 - 11/4/2021

Historical Society of Michigan

Boosting Participation of Students in the Metro Detroit Region in the Year-Long Michigan History Day Competition

This grant will contribute to a collaborative effort to increase Detroit region student participation in the year-long Michigan History Day academic competition program for grades 4-12.  More than 5,000 students participate in the program across the state, but Detroit region participation is lower.  Through focused outreach, the grantee hopes to raise those numbers.

$15,000 - 11/4/2021

Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.

Monticello Curatorial Internship
Outside Michigan

With this grant, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation will create a full-time, one-year, curatorial intern position to update catalog records for the foundation’s 800 most significant objects and make them accessible for study by the public through an online database. The updates will address content bias shown towards white or dominant class artisans and patrons using an inclusive methodological approach to cataloging recently developed by the curators. This approach records materials, sources, and other details to reveal the diverse range of people—free and enslaved—responsible for making, using, and caring for each object. 

$50,000 - 8/5/2021

Crooked Tree Arts Council

Michigan: An American Portrait Film Project
Michigan (Other)

This grant will support the development of an educational classroom series to complement a 60-minute public broadcasting television documentary that celebrates the history, traditions, culture, and natural resources of Michigan. Michigan: An American Portrait explores Michigan’s roots in the Native American experience and highlights its world-renowned innovations in automation, science, farming, furniture manufacturing, technology, and the arts. The educational classroom series will be distributed free of charge to 3rd grade students state-wide.

$25,000 - 8/5/2021

Village of Calumet

Repairs at the Calumet County Firefighters History Museum
Keweenaw Peninsula

This grant will provide drainage corrections in the alley behind the Firefighters Museum for the purpose of keeping storm water and snow melt out of the basement of the Museum. 

$10,000 - 8/5/2021

Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Employing an Early-Career Furniture Conservator to Conserve a late 17th Century Kas
Outside Michigan

With this grant, Winterthur will employ an early career conservator to reconstruct the lost elements of a late 17th century kas that incorporates a hybrid design of English, French, Dutch, and German cultural traditions in a uniquely American context.

$25,000 - 5/6/2021

Central Lake Superior Watershed Partners

The Most Remote Lighthouse in North America: A Michigan Model for Community Based Historical Preservation
Michigan (Other)

This grant will support the development of a professional documentary to raise awareness and launch a campaign to restore the historic Stannard Rock Lighthouse and international climate research station.  A special component of the project will be a video tutorial that will provide a step-by-step process for coastal communities and organizations that also own lighthouses to develop a comprehensive fundraising campaign tailored to each unique lighthouse and designed to successfully leverage sufficient funding for critical maintenance and renovation projects.

$10,000 - 5/6/2021

Charter Township of Calumet

Urgent Mortar Repairs
Keweenaw Peninsula

This grant will support urgent repairs at the Keweenaw Heritage Center, a 120-year old building that is plagued by its age, exposed to the extremes of summer and winter weather, and experienced significant roof damage in the winter 2020.

$10,000 - 5/6/2021

Diplomatic Reception Rooms

Object-Based Learning Training Videos
Outside Michigan

This grant will enable the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the U.S. State Department increase access to the State Department’s collection of decorative arts by creating a series of online “object-based learning” training videos that educators can use to meet the need for high-quality, virtual training experiences.

$30,000 - 2/4/2021

Henry Ford Estate

Fair Lane Conservation Training Program
Michigan (other)

This grant provides support for Fair Lane's in-house conservation program.  Fair Lane's program trains and mentors early-career conservators and preservationists while carrying on the restoration of the Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn, MI.

$30,000 - 11/5/2020

Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.

The Great Clock at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Outside Michigan

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation (TJF) will use this grant to restore and preserve the Great Clock at Monticello.  The clock was built to Thomas Jefferson's specifications and has remained in the Hall at Monticello since 1804.  During the conservation, the TJF will record and document the restoration process to share with visitors.

$55,000 - 2/18/2020

Historic New England

Postgraduate Fellowship in Architectural Conservation/Preservation Carpentry
Boston, MA

To support a post-graduate fellowship in architectural conservation that is designed to interest more people in the preservation trades and create trained professionals with hand skills and knowledge required to "care for our nation's built heritage."

$44,400 - 5/1/2019

The Packard Motor Car Foundation

Restoration of the Main Gates and Archways at Packard Proving Grounds
Shelby Township, MI

To fund the removal, repair, and restoration of two gates and associated archways that were installed in 1928 at the entrance of the Packard Proving Grounds.

$30,000 - 5/1/2019

Detroit Historical Society

Collections Internship Program
Detroit, MI

To support the design and subsequent piloting of a new structured, long-term internship program for Detroit college students interested in history, archival sciences, and artifact conservation, with a focus on 18th and 19th century furniture in the collection at the Detroit Historical Museum.

$10,350 - 5/1/2019

Historical Society of Michigan

Magazine Coverage of Michigan's Agricultural and Rural Heritage

To sponsor content in popular publications focused on the history of Michigan (Michigan History and The Chronicle) to celebrate the history of agriculture and rural life in Michigan.

$10,000 - 5/1/2019