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Grant Examples

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Historic New England

Postgraduate Fellowship in Architectural Conservation/Preservation Carpentry
Boston, MA

To support a post-graduate fellowship in architectural conservation that is designed to interest more people in the preservation trades and create trained professionals with hand skills and knowledge required to "care for our nation's built heritage."

$44,400 - 5/1/2019

The Packard Motor Car Foundation

Restoration of the Main Gates and Archways at Packard Proving Grounds
Shelby Township, MI

To fund the removal, repair, and restoration of two gates and associated archways that were installed in 1928 at the entrance of the Packard Proving Grounds.

$30,000 - 5/1/2019

Detroit Historical Society

Collections Internship Program
Detroit, MI

To support the design and subsequent piloting of a new structured, long-term internship program for Detroit college students interested in history, archival sciences, and artifact conservation, with a focus on 18th and 19th century furniture in the collection at the Detroit Historical Museum.

$10,350 - 5/1/2019

Historical Society of Michigan

Magazine Coverage of Michigan's Agricultural and Rural Heritage

To sponsor content in popular publications focused on the history of Michigan (Michigan History and The Chronicle) to celebrate the history of agriculture and rural life in Michigan.

$10,000 - 5/1/2019

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Reinstallation of American Art: Shaping Visitor Experiences
Philadelphia, PA

To fund new videos and in-gallery demonstrations to give visitors additional ways to understand the skill and labor that created the furniture and decorative arts in the reinstalled art galleries.

$50,000 - 11/1/2018

Old Sturbridge Village, Inc.

Cabinetmaker Fellowship and Symposium
Sturbridge, MA

To establish a cabinetmaking demonstration program in a new exhibition (Planed, Grained, and Dovetailed: Cabinetmaking in Rural New England) featuring active demonstrations by a local cabinetmaker of the skills and tools needed to make cabinets in colonial New England. 

$25,000 - 11/1/2018

Henry Ford Estate

Fair Lane Estate: Conservation Apprenticeship Initiative
Dearborn, MI

To support a conservation-focused apprenticeship to assist in the restoration of Fair Lane, the home of Clara and Henry Ford. 

$25,000 - 11/1/2018

Michigan History Foundation (now Heritage Michigan)

Operating Support

To assist in the implementation of a long-term strategy to stabilize organizational finances and enable the continued delivery of educational programming at the Michigan Historical Museum. 

$20,000 - 11/1/2018

Houghton County Historical Society

Masonry Restoration - Historic Museum Building
Lake Linden, MI

To restore and repair the cornice and brickwork on the museum exterior to protect the contents of the building from further water infiltration and damage after the heavy rains of June 2018.

$20,000 - 8/1/2018