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Agriculture and Natural Resources

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Adolph H. and Ginger Meyer believed that farmers were the backbone of America and that farming and the production of food "always will be a required function if any of us are to survive." Mr. Meyer wrote, “This was part of our overall plan to restore the historical features and assets which Michigan is noted for – namely the abundance and quality of its natural resources and useful assets, which are gradually and greatly being destroyed and noticeably disappearing from the natural environment. New buildings or ideas will never replace the essential and proven prime need a farm creates – food and a natural environment.”

Staying true to the Meyers’ intent, Americana supports the growth, development and sustainability of agriculture and food systems, open space and natural resource conservation, natural resources protection, and nature-based and agricultural education in Michigan.

Our Vision 

The Americana Foundation envisions rural and urban landscapes in Michigan where each individual, every family and the entire community is deeply connected to the food system, land, and nature; where agricultural producers are prosperous and focused on sustainability; where the natural environment is healthy, diversified and beautiful with clean water, air, and soil; where the character of the land and its scenic features are preserved and respected; and where agriculture and natural resources support public health, diverse business opportunities and livable communities for all.

Program Interests 

The Americana Foundation is interested in projects that

  • Promote locally grown food, sustainable and fair food systems, and community-based agriculture
  • Protect agricultural land and open spaces on rural and urban landscapes
  • Advance integrated planning, zoning and best practices for creating and maintaining healthy, livable and sustainable communities
  • Support community gardening, urban forestry, and nature-based and agricultural education
  • Protect, preserve, or restore natural resources, such as air, soil, water, and other environmental assets, including the Great Lakes.

Geographic focus: Michigan 

We do not fund:

The Foundation recognizes the vast needs in this area and the important work underway by so many. However, we are unable or unlikely to consider requests for support of activities such as: 

  • lobbying
  • annual fund drives
  • general fundraising events
  • budget deficits
  • small community gardens
  • requests from non-Michigan organizations

Grant Examples