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Program Focus: EARTH University

EARTH University is a private, non-profit university in Costa Rica that prepares young people from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and other regions to contribute to sustainable development in their home communities. EARTH’s world-class scientific and technological curriculum in agricultural sciences culminates in a four-year undergraduate degree. Students are recruited based on their academic and leadership potential, vocation, values, and social and environmental commitment. EARTH graduates return to their home countries with specialized skills in ethical entrepreneurship, a strong commitment to social and environmental justice, and the capacity to generate positive change.

EARTH is truly an international university. EARTH’s student body currently is comprised of 436 students from 36 countries. Almost half of the students are women, and more than three-fourths are from rural communities. Since its inception in 1990, more than 2,500 students from approximately 52 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe have graduated from EARTH. More than 80% returned to their country of origin after graduation to start new businesses, create jobs, and generate positive social, environmental, and economic impact. Almost one-third of the graduates not only contribute to the economy, but they also serve as community volunteers.

Americana’s partnership with EARTH University began in 2002, when we awarded a grant to provide academic scholarship support to students needing financial assistance. Since then, Americana has awarded more than $320,000 in grants for student scholarships and to support experiential learning on the EARTH campus. In 2007, Americana created an Endowed Scholarship Fund (the Marlene (Marty) Fluharty Endowed Scholarship) with a total contribution of $500,000. Students supported by Americana scholarship funds now are agricultural consultants, educators, and farm superintendents that provide technical assistance on agricultural sustainability to companies, agricultural producers, local government agencies, and their communities.

Americana is proud to partner with EARTH University to achieve its vision of alleviating poverty, promoting social justice, and building a future where communities achieve sustainable and shared prosperity. More information about EARTH is available at https://www.earth.ac.cr/en/.